About Us

"CBD2 Real Estate" is the flagship subsidary of myTelement Holdings Company Limited.

CBD2 Real Estate is a Hong Kong based company which is aimed to provide personalized and comprehensive services to company or individual clients in selling or leasing commerical or residential property especially in the CBD2 area in Hong Kong. We are pleased to tell you the stories about Hong Kong CBD2 and the new Kwun Tong, its 40 years beautiful transformations, we are pleased to tell you why CBD2 is your dream home location, shopping and entertainments, businesses and cultural gateway to your success and comfortable life.

myTelement Holdings Company Limited, as the parent company of CBD2 Real Estate. On or apart from real estate related businesses, we are offering wide range of diversified intermediaries and sourcing management services.

"myTelement" Core Values:

'--- meanings "maximize your "T" element." The world stage combines of TRUST, TECH, TRADE, TALENT & TRAVEL for landlords, investors, entrepreneurs, brokers and users to realise their dreams and to create a legacy into TANGIBLE ASSETS.

"myTelement Business Units:

'… under the unified master brand of myTelement, the Group has five business lines including Real Estate, Internet Investment, Consumer Goods, Media & featured Travel. myTelement supports our partner's value chain from brand building, marketing, import, logistics to sales and distribution to a wide network of wholesalers, retailers and consumers.