Find a Unified Service

Project Management

Assisting corporate clients to select the most appropriate design firm for their premise to ensuring a consistency of vision in fitting-out a property adheres to the highest ethical standards as part of its own corporate culture..

Relocation Service

For new comers in Asia, the company ignited enthusiasm of distinct, professional relocation services in Asia on a par – but separate from – real estate services to meet the growing needs of multinational companies moving staff in – and out – of Hong Kong and China.

Immigration Citizenship Assistance

Sometimes some countries, it's worthwhile to being able to purchase property and land in your name, even better management and control than a joint-venture. CBD2 can assist you in applying for citizenship if your plans in the country extend beyond a short term work contract.

Property Management

Let our professional teams assist you to manage the troublesome expenditure of your properties includes payment for bill of rates, electricty, water and management as well as property leasing, liaise with tenant for rent collecting, complaint handling and inhouse repairing etc. You may experience the relaxing management of your properties by simply receiving the nettable rent income from us.